Advanced Video Ad Settings: Control which macros to pass on dynamically

Advanced controls for the ad-tech savvy. Control which macros you want to pass on dynamically in ad requests.

Head over to the "Advanced" tab on the Video Ads page in MAZ Dashboard if you would like to have more control over the ad tag URL and the macros that MAZ passes on dynamically in the ad requests.

Here, you will provide an ad tag URL with placeholder values for macros and MAZ will replace only those placeholder values (with the actual values) that match the token (placeholder) values supported and pre-listed by MAZ in the table given below.



Just form your ad tag URL and include the token values from that list for the macros that you want to be passed on dynamically. That is, if, when forming the ad request, you would like MAZ to replace values of certain macros in your ad tag URL, please include the exact names (token values) for the respective macros to the right of the = sign. MAZ will replace values of only those macros for which the names of the token (placeholder) values exactly match the respective token value names mentioned in the list of macros supported by MAZ.

If we don't find any token value in your ad tag URL that matches any of the token values recognized by MAZ (from the table below), no value will be passed on for any macro and the ad request will just be made with the ad tag URL untouched.

Please note that the names of the macros (to the left of the = sign) can be anything. It is just the names of their token values that MAZ will be matching with the names of token values listed in the table below.

If you would like to set up KVPs to be sent in the ad requests per video, please also specify the method of sending in those KVPs in the ad requests. This is required because different ad servers have different requirements for KVP parameters in ad requests and one way of sending in the KVPs might work for one ad server but not for others. For now, we support sending KVPs using the Google Ad Manager method and the SpringServe method. If your ad server is not listed in the "Method to send KVPs" drop-down, please contact and let us know about your ad server requirements.

There are other powerful ad settings too in the Advanced tab. Learn more.

List of all the token values recognized by MAZ


Macro In Ad Tag URL Name (Token Value) Recognized By MAZ Description Actual Value MAZ Will Pass On
{ { WIDTH } } [[W]] Player width Video player width as per current orientation
{ { HEIGHT } } [[H]] Player height Video player height as per current orientation
{ { CACHEBUSTER } } [[CB]] Random number to prevent caching A random but unique number
{ { IP } } [[IPADDRESS]] User IP address IP address of the user's device. Subject to user granting location tracking permission
{ { USER_AGENT } } [[UA]] User-agent string The user-agent string of the user's device. In the case of tvOS, since WebKit is not available, a custom UA string is passed on
{ { LAT } } [[LATITUDE]] User latitude Only supported on mobile. Latitude of user's location. Subject to user granting location tracking permission
{ { LON } } [[LONGITUDE]] User longitude Only supported on mobile. Latitude of user's location. Subject to user granting location tracking permission
{ { DESCRIPTION } } [[DESC]] Video description Video description taken from source feed, if available
{ { DURATION } } [[DUR]] Video duration length in seconds Video duration length in seconds. For videos not hosted through MAZ, the duration will be passed on if available in the feed
{ { AUTOPLAY } } [[ATPLY]] 1 if the player is set to autoplay, 0 if not Since the player is always set to autoplay, 1 is passed on
{ { PLACEMENT } } [[PLCMNT]] Placement of video 1, as our video ads are in-stream ads only
{ { DEVICE_MAKE } } [[DMAKE]] Device's make Device's make
{ { DEVICE_MODEL } } [[DMODEL]] Device's model Device's model
{ { APP_BUNDLE } } [[AB]] App bundle App bundle
{ { APP_NAME } } [[AN]] App name App name
{ { APP_STORE_URL } } [[ASU]] App store URL App store URL. For Roku, since we don't have the app store URL, the app bundle id is passed on
{ { DEVICE_ID } } [[DID]] User device id for all device types User's device id for all device types. For iOS/tvOS - Advertising Id is sent
{ { MEDIA_ID } } [[MID]] Media id Identifier of the video item MAZ's db
{ { CONTENT_ID } } [[CID]] Content id Identifier of the video item MAZ's db
{ { ENCODED_VIDEO_TITLE } } [[VT]] Encoded video title Encoded title of the video item
{ { VIDEO_ID } } [[VID]] Video id Identifier of the video item MAZ's db
{ { VIDEO_URL } } [[VURL]] Encoded video URL Encoded URL of the video item
{ { GDPR } } [[GDPRFLAG]] GDPR Flag 1 (true, consenting) or 0 (false, non-consenting)
{ { US_PRIVACY } } [[USPRIVACY]] US Privacy string US Privacy string as per IAB specifications and based on CCPA settings in MAZ dashboard and whether the user has opted out or not
{ { COPPA } } [[COPPAFLAG]] COPPA flag, indicating traffic that is subject to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of the United States. 1 (true) or 0 (false). MAZ will pass on 0
{ { DEVICE_BRAND_NAME } } [[BN]] Device's brand name Brand name of the user's device if available, otherwise name of the corresponding MAZ channel
{ { CONTENT_ID } } [[CID2]] Unique content id for "content" object for PC and SSHB bid requests (see OpenRTB 2.5) Identifier of the video item MAZ's db
{ { CONTENT_TITLE } } [[CTITLE]] Encoded content title for "content" object for PC and SSHB bid requests (see OpenRTB 2.5) Encoded title of the video item