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How to create and use Feed Builder feeds?

Use feed builder feeds to create your own custom feed with different media types.

Feed Builder is a tool that allows you to curate any individual media and create a feed that can then act as a feed-in App Creator.


You are able to add in Article, Image, Audio, Video, PDF, Header, Magazine Ad, or a Deeplink as items to a Feed Builder feed.


To create a feed builder feed:

  1. Navigate to the section you would like to create the Feed Builder section in. 
  2. Select +Content, +Feed, and then +Feed Builder.
  3. Add the feed details and select Save.
  4. Once you have saved the form, please click on the feed builder.
  5. Now, add content by selecting +Item, and then any of the following content to curate and organize your feed.

Please Note: We do not support HLS videos in the feed builder


Here's an example of a Feed Builder with headers:


There's more!

You can even convert almost any other type of feed in your Content into a feed builder feed by going inside that feed and using the + Convert button!

The feed builder feed is created as a separate feed so after the conversion, you will have the source/original feed as well as the new converted feed builder feed.

Please note that when a feed is converted into a feed builder feed, there is no link between the two feeds, and changes made in the source/original feed do not get propagated to the feed builder feed.