Closed Captioning For Videos

Provide closed captioning for videos, whether published to mobile, OTT, Web, or CTV platforms.

MAZ provides tools to enable your app to be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. One of the guidelines requires closed captioning to be available for your video content. Read the below information on how to ensure closed captioning is available for your video content, whether published to mobile, OTT, Web, or CTV platforms.

Important Note: MAZ supports closed captioning for MRSS, JW player, Vimeo, and MAZ Hosted Videos.

We only support '.vtt' files on Web & CTV platforms.


Closed Captioning with MRSS and JW Player feeds

Upload an MRSS feed that includes the SRT or VTT subtitle format. Please find details of how the contents .srt file and .vtt should look like here: .srt and .vtt

The MRSS feed must include the following tag for closed captioning to show:

<media:subtitle> or <media:closedcaption> or <jwplayer:track>

We only support '.vtt' files on Web & CTV platforms.

Note : For <jwplayer:track> we will only be looking for kind="subtitles" and kind="captions" instances.

<jwplayer:track file="" kind="subtitles" label="English"/>

The SRT and VTT file must also be included as a href attribute. For example:
<media:subtitle href=""/>


VTT/SRT files are also required to contain the optional sequence values above each timecode.

VTT Example:


00:00:09.200 --> 00:00:10.700
Hello everyone

00:00:10.700 --> 00:00:13.820
Welcome to this example VTT file.

00:00:13.820 --> 00:00:16.520
Follow this spec

00:00:16.520 --> 00:00:20.920
To be sure that your Closed Captioning displays properly

00:00:26.040 --> 00:00:41.320
Thanks for checking this out
Have a wonderful day.

SRT Example:


00:00:00,570 --> 00:00:02,200

Hi there!


00:00:02,200 --> 00:00:03,450

Are you looking to add captions?


00:00:06,850 --> 00:00:09,600

Well then, try adding a SRT to your MRSS feed!


00:00:09,600 --> 00:00:13,343

Use sequence numbers and time codes


00:00:15,960 --> 00:00:18,370

making sure to use proper SRT format.

Closed Captioning with MAZ Hosted Videos

Depending on how you import your content in to the MAZ Dashboard, there are different ways of adding closed captioning to your videos:

Direct video upload on MAZ Dashboard:

To upload a video directly on MAZ Dashboard navigate to Content >> My content and click on +New >> +Media >> Video.

In the video upload form fill in the required metadata for the video and upload the video. To add closed caption to your video, upload a valid VTT or SRT file under "Caption" option. You also need to select the Caption Language and Caption Type:

Caption Language: The language of the Closed Caption (e.g., “en”, “en-US”, “es”, etc). ISO 639 alpha-2 or alpha-3 language code string. Currently, we only support en and gb.

Caption Type: SUBTITLE or CLOSED_CAPTION. You can choose any one of these as it does not affect the working of this feature. However, if you want to learn more about the difference between the two, you can check out this article.

Once all metadata and the video is uploaded save the form. 

Content import using AWS S3 bucket:

We also offer an easier and more efficient way of importing your content in to the MAZ Dashboard. You can link your AWS S3 bucket with your MAZ Dashboard and we will automatically import your videos, process it and show them in your Media folder on the MAZ Dashboard.

To learn more about how to link you S3 bucket with your MAZ Dashboard, check out this article.

To attach SRT/VTT files with your content your can add them to your S3 bucket and we will automatically associate the SRT/VTT files with your videos.

In order for us to process the files correctly, please make sure that the SRT/VTT file name should be exactly same as the Video file name.



Once you've created feeds with the correct closed captioning files or added the correct closed captioning file to the MAZ Hosted Videos, reach out to in order to activate this toggle in your settings menu within your app.

Closed Captioning with Vimeo

MAZ offers seamless closed captioning/subtitle integration with Vimeo. There is nothing extra you need to do in order to integrate Vimeo subtitles in your MAZ apps. The only requirement is that subtitles should be added to videos, in your Vimeo account. To know more on how to integrate Vimeo with MAZ, click here.

Please Note: It is advised to add subtitles to your videos on Vimeo dashboard before adding your Vimeo feed into a section. If you are adding subtitles to your videos after you have added the feed in the section, please delete the feed from that section and add it again or you can reach out at to reprocess that feed.


NOTE: English (EN and GB) is the only language currently supported for closed captioning.