Do not worry about Video hosting problems. Start hosting your videos with the new video hosting solution available with MAZ. Now you can upload your videos and start creating apps without any hassle. With this feature, your videos can be added directly as media in the MAZ dashboard.

How to upload videos in the MAZ dashboard

Please contact to get the video hosting feature enabled for your app.

Once the feature is enabled, to add a video as media in the MAZ dashboard, Navigate to Content > + NEW > + Media > + Video

The uploaded video will appear in the Media folder of the My Content section.

Note :

The maximum file size supported is 2GB

Accepted video formats are MP4, AVI, and MOV

The output video that will be hosted by MAZ to be consumed by the apps will be in m3u8 format with resolutions of 1080p, 720p and 480p.

How to add hosted video to your app

The video you uploaded as media on the MAZ dashboard can be added in an MRSS Feed Builder (a feed exclusively for videos) or in a Feed Builder.

To add an uploaded video in an MRSS Feed Builder or a Feed builder, go inside that feed, click on the + Item button and select Video.

From the Source dropdown, select the Inputs option.

Now, from the media folder, select the Video you had uploaded and add it to your feed. You may add the feed in any section or sub-section in your app.

Video is successfully added and is ready to be consumed in your app!

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