Monetize your video content by connecting video ads to MAZ via a third party ad source. It’s as simple as copy and pasting your URL ad tags in the MAZ dashboard under App Creator, Ads and Video Ads

Ad tags are URLs that tell a video player where to request video ads and how to display those ads in the player (in this case, MAZ).

You will need to work with your third-party ad source in order to create an ad tag URL which is VMAP or VAST compliant. Once you have created ad tag URLs, you'll need to add them in the respective fields for the video ad settings in your MAZ Dashboard. These ad tags will be passed as-is for each platform, meaning calls are made to the URL as is.

The serving of ads totally depends on only one factor and that is the VAST/VMAP response in the ad tag provided. Ad serving depends upon their correct response.

Here's the tool we recommend to test your Ad tag URL:


To begin using KVPs with MAZ, you will need to set up your targeting tags in the MAZ dashboard and in the third-party ad server console. MAZ will pick up the values within designated tags from your MRSS feed and pass them to the third-party ad server for targeted ads.

Please Note: MAZ will not append any additional parameters or macros to your Ad tag URL except KVP if added.

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