Get Started

Navigate to Users > Database Integrations

1. Flip the switch on Zype and select Setup.

2. Select Subscription Type for your current subscribers. This does not necessarily have to match what you choose for new subscribers in Subscriptions.

  • All-Access: Current subscribers will have access to all content.
  • Duration-based: Current subscribers will have access to the content dated from their subscription date onward.

3. Enter your Zype Client ID, Client Secret, API Key and Domain from your Zype admin page. 

Testing your Zype Integration


To simplify the testing process, we have provided a testing environment on the Zype Integration page.

Using the small “+” icon, add the parameters that you wish to test and fill in some testing data. When you click “Try Now” MAZ will ping your API URL, displaying both the request and the response from Zype.

In-App Testing

You’ll want to test your integration in an app environment to be certain everything is working smoothly. The Zype integration controls are connected directly to your app, so any changes made in the dashboard will go live immediately. That means you’ll be able to live test as soon as you update the dashboard.

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