If you don’t have an RSS or mRSS feed, or want to customize your own feed, use our custom feed tools.


Feed Builder

Feed Builder is a tool that allows you to curate any individual media and create a feed that can then act as a section in App Creator. Therefore, Feed Builder serves as an alternative to integrating an RSS or mRSS feed created at another source. Here are a few examples:

With Feed Builder, Vogue Knitting creates customized feeds for their mobile app; in this case, the feed Resources for Knitters brings in a list of external links that would otherwise require an RSS feed. Instead, Vogue Knitting is able to build Resources for Knitters by copying and pasting external links and uploading images for each list item.

To build a feed, select +New, +Feed, and then +Feed Builder from Content.

On the new Feed Builder screen, enter the following information in their respective fields:

  • Name (Internal)*
  • Title (External)
  • Subtitle
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Topic (selected from the dropdown)*


Now, add content by selecting +Item, and then any of the following content to curate and organize your feed:

  • Article
  • Image
  • Audio
  • Video
  • PDF
  • Header
  • Magazine Ad
  • Deeplink

Here's an example of building a Feed Builder with headers:


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