In order for MAZ to provide automation for app submission, please send us an API key and the file associated with your app - directions below!

Create a Service Account

1. Navigate to the Google Play Console and select Settings. Under Developer Account, select API access.

2. Scroll to the bottom and select Create Service Account. Select the link to the Google API Console.

3. At the top of this page, select +Create Service Account.

4. For Service Account Name and Service Account Description, enter MAZ-RELEASE-MANAGER and MAZ Release Manager, respectively .

5. Select Create.

Grant Service Account Permissions and Create P12 Certificate

Next, grant permission to the newly created service account.

1. Choose Select a Role from the dropdown.

2. Select Android Management, then Android Management User; select Continue.

3. Select +Create Key, then select P12.

4. Select Create.

5. A prompt window will open; select Save File.

6. Select Close and then Done. A P12 file will download to your computer. A window prompt "Private key saved to your computer" will pop up, you may ignore and close this, then select Done. You have successfully created a Google Service Account.

7. Next, return to API Access under Settings in your Google Play Dashboard and refer to the Google Service Account just created; select Grant Access. In the pop up window, leave the default permissions and select Add User.

8. In the pop up window, select the entire Email and copy it. Leave the default permissions and select Add User.

9. Now, return to theMAZ Dashboard and navigate to One time details for Android in your channel set up. Paste the Email that was copied in the last step into key and upload your P12 file.

You're all set! The MAZ Dashboard now has API access to your Google Play developer account.

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