Now that you’ve previewed your app, move on to test before it goes live to ensure the look, feel, and functionality are ready for launch. To test your app, you will use Google Play Alpha, Google’s testing tool for app owners.

Get Started

Create Testers in Google

Navigate to All Applications. Select your app. 

Navigate to App Releases under Release Management.

Select Manage next to Alpha under Closed Track.

Select Manage testers.

Select Create List. Create a list with your testers by adding their email addresses. The tester must be signed into the account on their Android device in order to download the test version of the app.

Note: Ensure testers are logged into the account that was invited. 

You will then share the Opt-In URL with your testers. Selecting the link will automatically open Google Play Alpha.

For additional resource and information see Google's Open, Closed and Internal Track documentation here.


If you find any issues or inconsistencies in your app during testing, select Do Not Submit in the dashboard. Please provide as much detail as possible about the delay in submission and Customer Success will reach out to address your concerns ensure completion of testing. Or if you have any questions, you can reach out to

NOTE: Resubmission will require our development team to move the app forward in the submission process.

When you’re ready for your app to be submitted to the Google Play Store, hit the Submit button!

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