Your sections will determine how your user navigates the app experience. The main screen under App Creator will prompt you to add in new sections. When you load App Creator the first time you will see two sections automatically added in by default: Saved and Subscribe

To add a section: 

  1. Click on App Creator on the top of your screen, select +Section in the top right.
  2. Name the section and choose the following settings that will suit your needs:
    Visible On: Choose whether this section appears on Mobile, TV, or both.
    Active: Check the box to automatically set the section live in your app.
    Show Banners: Check this box to set banners on this section.
    -  Learn more about Banners by clicking this link.
  3. Back in the App Creator Screen, make sure your section is active.

See a few examples across devices below:

The first screenshot has sections named: New Features, My Podcast, Video Stuff, Subscribe and Saved. 

The second has sections named: Magazine, News, Video, Saved and Subscribe. 



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