MAZ offers a variety of integration services for certain types of external databases.

In order to be eligible for these integrations, your database must match these criteria:

1. You have an open API endpoint for user authentication requests

2. Your API can receive at least one of the following sets of credentials for authentication 

  • Email + PW
  • Username + PW
  • Email + Zip
  • Account Number
  • Account Number + Zip 
  • Mailing Address

3. The API response contains subscriber status in one of the following formats

  • A static key or set of keys that are defined in order to grant users access
  • A list of subscriber entitlements (with dates)
  • A start and end date of the subscription(s) in the form of the following keys: "start_date" and "end_date"

4. You can provide 2 test accounts for all relevant subscriber statuses
5. The API uses one of the following authentication methods 

  • API Key (header or body)
  • Basic Auth (ex. Username + PW)

6. The API request can be made from server to server 

7. MAZ can communicate directly with a single database that contains all relevant data

If your database fits these requirements you have the option of using MAZ's API or one of our off-the-shelf database integrations. Reach out to the MAZ Success team at to learn more. 

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