You must have at least a Vimeo Pro Account in order to be able to use the Vimeo Integration Tool in MAZ. You will also need to have channels setup on your Vimeo account and be following your channels to populate in MAZ. 

To follow a channel, open the menu on the top right of the Vimeo navigation, select your brand's icon, then Collections. From the Collections screen, click into the channel, then select 'Follow'.

1. Connect your Vimeo Account to the MAZ Dashboard

  1. Navigate to Content in the MAZ dashboard
  2. Select +New, +Integration, and then Vimeo.
  3. On the setup screen, connect your Vimeo account. You will be navigated to an external link to sign into Vimeo. 

2. Create a token key for the MAZ Dashboard: 

  1. Visit and log in with your Vimeo Account: 

2. Select the “My Apps” tab and "Create New App":

3. Fill in the three required fields below and select “Create”:

 4. Select the “Authentication” tab to generate an Authenticated Access Token and select the following Scopes:

  1. Public
  2. Create
  3. Video Files
  4. Private
  5. Edit 

5. Click “Generate Token” at the bottom of the page:

6. Paste the token in your MAZ Vimeo account:

Integration complete!

Now, Vimeo can be found as a folder in your Inputs. All of your Vimeo Channels are now available to publish in Experience Creator.

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