There are a multitude of possibilities when it comes to Design of your mobile app. The following introduction explains the design customizations available in MAZ for your subscriptions – the design and copy of this screen can make a significant impact on subscription sign-ups. Learn more below!

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Subscription Overview

The look and feel of your mobile app is as important as its functionality. The subscriptions screen will appear when a user selects ‘Subscribe’ or goes to the Saved section while not signed in. Learn how to deliver a design that entices subscriptions below!

Note: All of your changes will be reflected in the preview screen as you make them.

Subscription Header

Upload a logo or image – this will display in place of the LOGO image. Note the example below, Mindful features an image of issue covers.

Requirements: Max Width: 825 px, Max Height: 300 px, 72 dpi, PNG or JPG.


Select the colors that best represent your brand using the selector, or by entering the HEX codes. All of the colors will be selected in the right column.

Background Color: The color that appears behind the entire screen.

Highlight Background Color: The color that appears behind the subscription copy.

Border Color: The color that appears as a thin line above and below the subscription copy and the ‘Restore Purchases’ copy.

Header Color: This color of the ‘New Subscription Header’ copy. See US Weekly’s pink copy above.

Text Button Color: The color of ‘Restore Purchases,’ ‘Terms of Use,’ and ‘Privacy Policy.'

Purchase Button Color: The background color of the button that displays prices.

Purchase Label Color: The color of the copy that displays prices.

Purchase Name Color: The color of the copy of each of the subscription options (for example: Annual Subscription and Half Year Subscription in Mindful’s app above).

Disclaimer Text Color: The color of the disclaimer copy above ‘Restore Purchases’ and the disclaimer copy that appears at the bottom of the screen. The copy of the disclaimer is set by MAZ.


Customize the wording of each line of copy.

New Subscription Character Text: The copy that appears above the subscription options and purchase buttons. Character Limit: 85

Restore Purchases Button: The copy that prompt existing users to restore purchases. Character Limit: 40

Best Value Label: The copy that appears next to the longer-duration option, as this is often the best value. Character Limit: 20


A Terms of Use and Privacy Policy link must be added to comply with app store requirements.

Terms of Use URL: The URL to your brand’s terms of use can be any URL. The URL will display as an in-app browser page.

Privacy Policy URL: The URL to your brand’s privacy policy can also be any URL. The URL will display as an in-app browser page.

When all customizations have been made, make sure to Save!

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