Mobile Fonts Overview

The look and feel of your mobile app is as important as its functionality. Learn how to upload and manage custom fonts according to your branding guidelines below.

Grifo M Medium font, & Ringside Narrow Book (Header Item Font) shown below

Fran Ruhl Libre Regular shown below

Manage Fonts

First, go to UI Design in App Creator select Design, then navigate to Fonts and select the mobile view (default).

Choose your Font

To choose a font from our library, click Manage Fonts, then Select +Font

You can choose any Google Font from the library that is available by clicking Select Font.

To upload a custom font, select Custom Font from the dropdown next to Font Type. Then select Upload Font to add your font file (Accepted Formats: ttf. or otf.).

Navigate back to App Creator Design, and select the font that should display for titles of feeds by choosing from the dropdown next to Feed Title Font.

Advanced Options

Header Item Font: The font for Header items in Feed view.

Header Item Font Color: The color of the header text.

Header Item Caps: Select either Case Sensitive or All Caps for the header text.

When all customizations have been made, make sure to select

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