There are a multitude of possibilities when it comes to Design of your app. The following introduction explains all of the general design customizations available in MAZ – this can set the scene for the rest of your design options of each of your app’s features.

Design Overview

The look and feel of your mobile app is as important as its functionality. MAZ allows you to fully customize the User Interface (UI) of your mobile app in several ways. Learn how to deliver a design that speaks to your brand below!

To start customizing, navigate to App Creator, then hit the Design button, and then navigate to General on the left side toolbar.

Select whether you will be designing your Mobile or OTT app on top of the preview image and choose the following settings:

1. Colors

Select the colors that best represent your brand using the selector, or by entering the HEX codes.

Theme Color: The color that appears behind the logo and on the icons when navigated to a specific section.

Tab Bar Color: The color that appears along the bottom navigation bar, behind your section icons. (mobile only)

Border Color: This color appears between your tab bar and your section content. Mindful has a black border color above their white navigation. (mobile only)

Selected Color: The color that will indicate to a user which section they are in. In the above example, Magazine is selected.

*Important Note: Button text must be white; therefore, white buttons are not possible. Similarly, once a user is within a piece of content, the back button and in-article buttons (Cover, Contents, Home, PDF) must be white. Keep this in mind when selecting background colors and logos. 


You have the option to feature your brand’s logo in two primary places.

Nav Bar Logo: The logo that appears in the top of your app. See Mindful’s white logo above as an example.

Requirements: 132 px, transparent background, 72 dpi, PNG

Logo Placement: Choose between Center and Left (mobile only)


Search, Settings, and Save/Saved Icons: Select these icons from our library, or upload your own.

Requirements: 174 x 174 px, transparent background, 72 dpi, PNG

Once all customizations have been made, make sure to hit Save.

MAZ’s Design customizations present a lot of branding possibilities – experiment & explore all of the ways your app can shine.

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