MAZ supports HLS URLs as well as m3u8 URLs within an MRSS feed.

  1. To add a Livestream in the Input dashboard, select +New, +Feed, and then +Livestream.
  2. MAZ supports HLS/m3u8. We adhere to the same standard HLS specs as Apple. More info can be found through Apple's Documentation.

DanceTV livestreams a variety of channels under their 24/7s section by piping in MRSS feeds.

Simulated Live Video 

Using simulated live video will give the appearance of a livestream. In reality, your MRSS feed will autoplay and continuously loop. This is a great tool for engaging audiences quickly and eliminating choice paralysis.

  1. To add a Simulated Live Video, first make sure your selected MRSS feed is added into "My Content."   
  2. Select +New, +Feed, and then +Simulated Live.
  3. Choose the source of the Simulated Live section.
  4. Add the content to the desired Section within your app. 

If you want to include multiple feeds in your Simulated Live feed, you should first create a Smart Feed which can include any number of feeds. After the Smart Feed has been created repeat steps 2 & 3 using the Smart Feed as the source.

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