Display pre-roll ads in your videos with SpotX, on both mobile and OTT. Learn how below!

How to set up SpotX ads

Navigate to App Creator, Ads, Video Ads, then select SpotX. Enter the following metadata for your app platforms (SpotX ID's need to be in URL format):

  • iOS SpotX ID
  • tvOS SpotX ID
  • Android SpotX ID
  • AndroidTV SpotX ID
  • FireTV SpotX ID
  • Key Value Pair Tag

Then, select when to Request an Ad (Every 1 to 20 videos) and when you would like ads to start (Before 1st video or up to after the 21st video).

Please note: Our SpotX integration does not support SSAI.


To begin using KVPs with MAZ, you will need to set up your targeting keys in the MAZ dashboard, share the corresponding list of KVPs with the SpotX team and then targets ads in the SpotX dashboard. Learn more here

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