A great way to monetize your content is by integrating your DFP display ads into your feeds and article.

How to set up Google DFP ads

  1. Navigate to App Creator, Ads, then select Settings.
  2. For the field Google Ad Manager(DFP) toggle to Enable

3. Enter the following metadata:

  • Ad Type: Google Ad Manager Native and/or Google Ad Manager Banner
  • DFP Banner ID
  • Banner Sizes (320 x 50, 320 x 100, 300 x 250) - select all that apply
  • In-Feed Frequency: Choose from every 1 to 20 feed items
  • Start: Chose from after 1 to 20 feed items
  • In-Article Ad Type: Ad Sense and/or Google Publisher Tag

Don't have a Google AdSense Account yet? Start here.

Top: In-Feed Ads, Bottom: In-Article Ads

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