Integrate your DFP display ads into your feeds and articles to monetize your content.

Top: In-Feed Ads, Bottom: In-Article Ads

How to set up Google DFP ads

Navigate to App Creator, Ads, then select Settings.

Select Enabled for Google DFP ads, then enter the following metadata:

  • Ad Type: Google Ad Manager Native and/or Google Ad Manager Banner
  • DFP Banner ID
  • Banner Sizes (320 x 50, 320 x 100, 300 x 250) - select all that apply
  • In-Feed Frequency: Choose from every 1 to 20 feed items
  • Start: Chose from after 1 to 20 feed items
  • In-Article Ad Type: Ad Sense and/or Google Publisher Tag

Don't have a Google AdSense Account yet? Start here.

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