Do you want to restrict access to your content so that only paying or registered users can access it? You can set this up easily through the MAZ dashboard.

Follow these steps in order to lock any feed or content in your app

1. Navigate to any feed or content and click on Settings. Under the Access setting, select Locked.

2. Choose how users can unlock the content. This can either be through an in-app purchase, a subscription purchase, or a registration form.

3. Timed Access allows users to access your content for a free timed preview. Select the duration you want users to have to preview. Once the user has gone through that timed preview, they will be locked out of the content until they purchase, subscribe, or register based your settings.

Time based metering can be locked using in-app purchase + Subscription/Register
View based metering can be locked with Register + Subscription

If you want to set up View Based metering, which is a setting that can be set for the entire app, please take a look at this article. For more details on customizing your Time Based metering settings, click here.

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