Now that you’ve previewed your app, move on to test before it goes live to ensure the look, feel, and functionality are ready for launch. To test your app, you will use TestFlight, Apple’s testing app for app owners. 

Get Started

Be sure you are signed into the App Store using the same Apple ID that was used to create your Apple Developer Account on your iPhone/iPad.

Next, download the TestFlight app from the App Store on your iOS device if you haven't already.

Now that you have TestFlight downloaded to your device, you can start testing before submitting for approval and launch.

Test for Launch

1. Create Build

When you’ve previewed your app and are ready to conduct official testing before launch, navigate to Content, and then Channels. Next to Apple iOS, select Start Build. You will receive an email to confirm MAZ has received your request!

NOTE: Make sure you’ve uploaded screenshots and entered all metadata in the setup of the Apple App Store (Channels).

Once your build is ready for test, you’ll receive another email. Expect a wait time of 5 to 10 days after your request.

Test Build

To begin testing, log into App Store Connect. Navigate to My Apps and select your app. Then, go to the TestFlight tab and create or select a Tester Group. To learn how to create testers, follow Apple's instructions. You can either email testers invitations or send them a public link. To send a public link, select the desired external tester group and then select Enable Public Link. Then, all testers will be able to access the URL on their iOS device to test.

When the link is selected, the above screen will appear. Select Start Testing to navigate to TestFlight.

Note: Ensure you are signed into the same account that was invited to test. To change the account, navigate to Settings, iTunes, and then App Store. Select the correct account. 

Select Install next to your app to start testing; a yellow dot will appear next to the test version after it’s downloaded.

With the test app installed, run internal tests; follow our Testing Best Practices and Apple’s Testing Guidelines.


If you find any issues or inconsistencies in your app during testing, select Do Not Submit in the dashboard. Please provide as much detail as possible about the delay in submission and Customer Success will reach out to address your concerns.

NOTE: Resubmission will require our development team to move the app forward in the submission process.

When you’re ready for your app to be submitted to the iOS App Store, you may hit the Submit button.

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