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Advanced Features

Here are some links to information on advanced features 

Most of your app may be done, but you may be looking for some additional information.

If you are interested in adding a user authentication integration, we have plenty of articles for you to dig into.


Click here for more on Database Integrations

If you don't have existing subscribers, but want to register new users in your app, you should learn more about MAZ's proprietary registration tool, called MAZ ID.


Click here for more on MAZ ID

Are you looking for additional articles on Analytics?


Click here for more on Analytics


Still, looking for more? Check out the following articles:


Universal Linking

Add Audio Files

Add Links to PDFs

Metering Options

Apple Watch

iOS Widget


Click here for more FAQs!


Everything else you're looking for can be found in the general Knowledge Base


And if you need to reach out for more information, we're here to help. Chat with us or email us at success@mazsystems.com!