How to upload videos in bulk on MAZ dashboard through S3 Bucket

Learn how to host all your videos in MAZ through Amazon S3

If you have many videos that you would like to host through MAZ and are looking for an easier and convenient way to do that, look no further!


If you have an Amazon S3 bucket where you can upload all your videos, you just need to provide MAZ with the details of the S3 bucket so that MAZ can then access it and keep ingesting and processing videos as and when you add them to the S3 bucket.

How to setup S3 Bucket feeds

Please contact to set up the S3 bucket for your app.


Create your S3 bucket which you will use to upload videos to MAZ. Then add this policy to the bucket's permissions, making sure to replace BUCKET_NAME in the "Resource" array with your actual bucket's name:

From this newly created bucket, you will have to provide to MAZ:

  1. The Bucket ID
  2. Access Key
  3. Secret Access Key
  4. Region

Next, you will need to create a user under Identity and Access Management with Read-only access and attach this policy to that user:

Note :

  • Accepted video formats are MP4, AVI, and MOV.

  • Thumbnail image - Please keep the name of the image the same as that of the video.

  • The accepted image format is JPEG.

  • The output video that will be hosted by MAZ to be consumed by the apps will be in m3u8 format with resolutions of 1080p, 720p, and 480p.

How to add hosted video to your app

All the videos added in the S3 bucket will appear in the Media folder of the My Content section on the MAZ dashboard.


The videos uploaded as media in the MAZ dashboard can be added in an MRSS Feed Builder (a feed exclusively for videos) or in a Feed Builder.


To add an uploaded video in an MRSS Feed Builder or a Feed builder, go inside that feed, click on the + Item button and select Video.


From the Source dropdown, select the Inputs option.


Now, from the media folder, select the Video you had uploaded and add it to your feed. You may add the feed in any section or sub-section in your app.


Once the video is successfully added, it is ready to be consumed in your app!