Introduction to Testing Your App

As you prepare to set your app live, there are some universal best practices for testing your app.

Why Test?

Ensure your app looks & functions how you expect, and in the best way possible for your users!

Your app has a unique set of code and therefore quirks in behavior and the occasional bug sometimes crops up. Whether this is your first-ever app submission or it's your 8th update this week, it's vital that you test your app before hitting the "Submit" button.


What to Test

Short answer: everything! Run through all of the expected behaviors of your end-users. Simulate reading an article with ads. Watch a full video. Check all of your banners are viewable on the carousel. Log in as a user. Sign up as a new user. If your app is already live, test what's unique to your app and what's new in this version. You get the idea!

Here's a quick checklist for efficient app testing. 

  • In-app purchases and subscriptions
  • 3rd party user authentication (Database Integration)
  • Ads (Article and Video)
  • Branding and logos
  • UI Design (colors, icons, images)
  • All CTAs

Test all functionality across devices (don't forget tablets!) and platforms.